Samsung files a trademark for blockchain phone apps in Europe

Samsung files a trademark for blockchain phone apps in Europe

Samsung, an electronic giant has filed applications for three blockchain-related trademark requests for smartphones.

There have been several news about smartphones companies targeting the area of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and crypto wallets in the past whereby Samsung came a step ahead and filed a trademark application with European Union Intellectual Property Office, where Samsung filed three trademarks for Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain key box, and Blockchain Core.

Earlier this year, FINNEY by Sirin labs and HTC of Taiwan announced its first blockchain-powered smartphone called Exodus, that was designed in such a way to provide hardware support for the cryptocurrencies. Also, Samsung might also be planning to follow the footsteps of HTC based on the trademark it filed in Europe this week.

The craze of cryptocurrency is taking over South Korea, no wonder Samsung wants to capitalize on this popularity by introducing features in their smartphones and providing a platform for e-wallet that can store cryptocurrencies.

However, Samsung’s larger objective is still unknown. The document suggests that the South Korean giant is developing a technology for storing crypto keys. It is believed to be integrated with the upcoming Galaxy S10 range as the trademark application describes its application in the smartphones.

Samsung was also reported to have started to build ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) hardware that was intended for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. The latest development has left little doubt about its growing interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain encryption key storage.

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