Nestlé and Carrefour partners with IBM for food transparency through Blockchain

Blockstuffs . 3 mins read . April 16, 2019

Switzerland based food and drink multinational Nestlé and French hypermarket chain Carrefour along with IBM have partnered to provide blockchain based solution for greater transparency in the food sector.

Nestle and Carrefour, also the member of IBM’s Food Trustblockchain platform, will use blockchain technology to track the supply chain of Mousline,  a well-known brand of instant mashed potatoes.

Both the companies will test the blockchain platform with Mousline purée for the next few months. During this pilot phase, the firm is expected to assist in understanding the impact and scalability of the technology as well as inform decisions on further developments.

The projects targets to provide simple scanning of QR code with their respective smartphones to know the entire journey of the potatoes in a specific packet to the specific Carrefour store.

The press release further confirms,

“Using the QR code on the product’s packaging, each consumer will be able to use a secure platform on their smartphone to access information on the production supply chain, including the varieties of potato used, the dates and places of manufacture, information on quality control, and places and dates of storage before the product reaches the shelves,”

Vineet Khanna, senior vice president, global head supply chain at Nestlé believes this partnership is a step to move forward on our blockchain journey. He further expressed his view and said,

“We are using this technology to bring more transparency to our products by providing accurate, trusted and impartial information. That will benefit the whole value chain, including retailers and consumers.”

This  Mousline pilot is part of Nestlé’s wide range of blockchain test projects, which ranges from logistics to sustainability, which is designed to help reinforce trust in food.

Lest hope for the success of the project.