Mozilla Firefox Adds Option to Block Crypto Mining Scripts

Mozilla Firefox Adds Option to Block Crypto Mining Scripts

The internet browser, Mozilla Firefox has released an update which provides options to block cryptocurrency mining scripts on websites.

According to the blog announced by Mozilla, users are provided with an option to tick a box that prevents “cryptominers” from running any harmful scripts. The options is available alongside Cookies and Trackers under the “Privacy & Security” tab.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox has included a flip switch that protects users from auto-crypto mining or also known as crypto jacking. This illegal mining is popular among cyber criminals.

Usually, the code that contains mining scripts are spread as malware and are placed openly within the existing systems or websites. These are used by hackers to prey computers via a browser.

These unauthorized crypto miners are scripts that generally run in a browser without the consent of the operators to mine cryptocurrency for the personal benefits of the hackers. Such mining results in inexplicably high electricity bill, draining of battery and huge performance loss.

Mozilla said,

“These scripts slow down your computer, drain your battery and rack up your electric bill”

Previously, the options to block mining scripts were available in beta version since its initial launch in April, where Mozilla partnered with cybersecurity firm Disconnect for the service.

Mozilla initially revealed its idea of update in August 2018, with the aim to prevent users from such dangerous third-party scripts.

Not only Mozilla, but Opera has also offered miner security to its smartphone version. Similarly, Google Chrome had previously forbidden the miners from using its extensions.

A report from Skybox Security found that last year, there were 32% of all cyber attacks, while ransomware was only made 8%.

What do you think? Will this effort of Mozilla result in decrease of crypto mining? Drop your comments below.

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