Facebook will build the most used Product in Crypto claims Morgan Creek

Facebook will build the most used Product in Crypto claims Morgan Creek

According to Anthony Pompliano, an author at Morgan Creek Digital declared that Facebook will eventually build the “most used product in Crypto”.

Facebook posted a job vacancy of Software Engineer in Blockchain two days ago. This is not the first time Facebook has posted a vacancy. However, Facebook has not clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of the blockchain developer.

Responding to Mike Dudas, the Block founder about the vacancy opportunity that was posted in his recent tweet, Pompliano expressed that dependent on Facebook's reputation of advancement, scaling, and arrangement, he expects that it is just a short time before the organization will ascend to overwhelm the digital currency space.

Facebook will build the most used Product in Crypto claims Morgan Creek

Pompiliano believes that Facebook has assembled a team with much experience and talent which cannot be taken granted. Speaking in a series of tweets he said:

“They have more 1B user products than any other company I believe. They out-executed everyone historically. You could go at most corporates, but Facebook ain’t it. […] Betting against David Marcus, Kevin Weil, Morgan Beller, Zuck, Chris Cox, and the FB growth team is insanity. I’ll ride with that crew any day when it comes to building, launching, and scaling products. Ask their competitors how it went last time.”

This tweet has recalled the skeptical voices again. Previously, in August Facebook sources rumored to be building a cryptocurrency project using a Stellar Platform as a part of blockchain division’s first assignment. These reports were however denied by Facebook but the mystery remains unsolved about what exactly Facebook’s blockchain development team will be working on.

Let's hope for Facebook to share its vision with the blockchain technology soon in the future. What are your guesses? Do let us know in the comment section below:

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