Bitcoin Cash Miners Undo Attacker’s Transactions With ‘51% Attack’

Blockstuffs . 3 mins read . May 28, 2019

Two bitcoin cash (BCH) mining pools as of late completed what is known as a 51 percent attack on the blockchain in a clear exertion to invert another miner's transactions, it is by tweets by Cryptoconomy Podcast hos Guy Swann on May 24.

A 51% attack happens when someone controls most of the mining power on a Proof-of-Work blockchain network. This is called the larger part square verifier that can keep different clients from mining and invert transactions.

The move is attached to the bitcoin cash network hard fork that happened on May 15. The two mining pools — and — did the move so as to prevent the obscure miner from taking coins that they should approach in the wake of the code change. That day, an attacker exploited a bug unrelated to the upgrade (and subsequently fixed) that made the network split and for miners to dig void squares for a brief time.

With regards to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash, a 51 percent attack involves a substance and group controlling a greater part of is the hash rate which is along these lines enables them to execute a few things they aren't typically permitted to do, for example, attempting to rewrite the system of the transaction history.It's for quite some time been a controversial topic and different cryptocurrencies have endured comparable attacks because of a decline in their hash rates

51% attacks have generally been viewed as an unfortunate and unrewarding choice to take assets, as it would require a huge measure of computing power, and once a network is considered traded off, users would apparently escape. According to the top details site Coin. Dance, the two mining pools as of now have consolidated 44% of bitcoin cash hashing power.

The interesting fact of this attack on bitcoin cash is that it was seemingly executed trying to accomplish something apparently useful for the community, not to reward the attackers or to take the assets for themselves, but everyone does not agree with this.

As Cointelegraph revealed, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain experienced a 51% attack in January. The Researchers at the crypto trade reportedly discovered that an attacker had switched four transactions, resulting in a loss of 54,200 ETC. The trade guaranteed to remunerate the influenced users and advised other exchanging platforms to block transactions started by the attacker's location.