5 different persons that were suspected to be Satoshi Nakamoto

5 different persons that were suspected to be Satoshi Nakamoto

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Is Satoshi a name of a single person or is it a group of people that has brought a new revolution in the technical field? As it is obvious from the name, it has been accepted that he is a Japanese man. However, his flawless utilization of English in the Bitcoin white paper raises questions about this end.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious creator of Bitcoin and the white paper. This name was first used in 2008 to mail the Bitcoin Paper to the cryptographic mailing list. The list contained the name of all the renowned people who believed in decentralization and cryptocurrency. Every crypto and blockchain enthusiast agrees that the creation of Bitcoin and the white paper is a work of a genius. The genius personality of Bitcoin maker Satoshi Nakamoto has been something that has boggled the brain of crypto lovers since 2008.

Despite multiple conspiracy theories related to his identity and many attempts to uncover his mask, the identity of the father of the Bitcoin, Satoshi, still remains a mystery till date.

This article features the possible candidates that could be the real Satoshi Nakamoto:

1. Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto:

Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, a 64 years old, American Japanese system engineer in California was suspected to be the creator of Bitcoin as he had a very close resemblance to the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’.   

The news came out from Newsweek in 2014, which pointed out major similarities between Satoshi’s online writing style and Dorian’s.

Also, the anti-fraud quality of the Bitcoin platform suggests that the creator of Bitcoin was a libertarian who didn't like the centralized banks and the rich government. Dorian’s daughter claims to have seen such qualities in her father as well.

When the news reached the peak, the real Satoshi’s online account on P2P foundation with the email address that was used for publishing Bitcoin denied Dorian was Satoshi in 2014 and even confronted that “ I am no longer involved in that and cannot discuss it “. Dorian also denied the fact and even claimed that he hadn't heard such currency before the reports and the media started hounding him about it.

2. Hal Finney:

Hal Finney is another possible candidate for being the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto as he was the second person after Nakamoto himself to make the use of the software, file bug reports and suggest improvements. He was also the first person to be involved in the first bitcoin transactions as Satoshi sent him 10 coins as a test.  

A researcher at the Forbes suggested a lot of similarities between Satoshi and Hal’s writing styles in their research papers,  based on different tests. Moreover, he just lived a couple of blocks away from Dorian Nakamoto, Dorian's name might have been the inspiration for Hal to come up with the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

Being a pioneer of Bitcoin from the very beginning, he had also contributed a lot towards development and the optimizations of the platform. He was also seen to be an active member for promoting the bitcoin community during its initial days before he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease.After his death on August 28, 2014, there is only circumstantial evidence that points Finney to be the original Satoshi Nakamoto.

3. Nick Szabo :

Nick Szabo, a tech-entrepreneur, a forerunner to the first digital currency is one of the most potential suspects of being the real Satoshi. As he issued a paper on “bitgold”, in 2008 the first decentralized currency way before the release of the Bitcoin in a blog post whereby he even expressed his interest in the technology. The suspicions grew even stronger when the article was reposted by altering the publish date.

After the blog post about bit gold was proven to be published beforehand the release of Bitcoin, Aston University compared his writing style with the Satoshi’s whereby a lot of similarities were found between their projects.

Nonetheless, this proof is just theoretical, and Szabo has consistently denied that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. However, his broad deep knowledge on the Bitcoin has led many to believe he is the inventor of Bitcoin.

4. Elon Musk:

Elon Musk, an engineer, inventor, and everyone’s favorite business tycoon is rumored to be the inventor of Bitcoin. All these claims have occurred because of Elon’s caliber to build revolutionary technical development. The rumor spread after a former SpaceX intern compared his writing style with that of Satoshi’s.

Although, there has still not been any concrete proof to prove such claims and Elon himself has denied such claims in one of his tweet. The rumors settled down after hackers used Tesla to mine the cryptocurrencies.  

5. Craig Steven Wright:

Craig Steven Wright, an Australian computer scientist, and entrepreneur made a wave in the media by claiming that he as exceptional and phenomenal proof that he was the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

In November 2015, Gizmodo received an anonymous email from an individual who claimed Craig was the real Satoshi who also has worked for him. Similarly, in December 2015, Australian Police raided his home and stated that the matter is was related to Tax, not the digital currency Bitcoin.

After this incident, Craig was inactive on the internet until may 2016, whereby he stepped forward to reveal himself as the real Satoshi Nakamoto through his Twitter account. He even claimed to have enough evidence to prove his statement. Later, he retracted his statement claiming he didn't have enough courage to prove his identity.

Wright showed up on a board over Skype at a bitcoin Conference in Las Vegas in October, saying:  "I’ve been involved with all this for a long time... I try and stay - I keep my head down.”

Also, there has been many claims by the people to have met Craig at different Conference where he introduced himself as Satoshi Nakamoto way before the introduction of Bitcoin.

Though the skepticism began with the rumors and sparked with his claims, there is still a mystery that he in fact might be the elusive creator of Bitcoin.


Whoever he/she/they are, the genuine Satoshi Nakamoto has numerous valid justifications for needing to remain mysterious. The most evident reason would be potential danger; being worth over $10B USD could make Nakamoto an objective, particularly with late news reports indicating Bitcoin hoodlums undermining genuine viciousness for this virtual cash.

Have we forgotten someone? Do you know any more suspects than mentioned in this list who is the contender for the crypto industry? Let us know by commenting below.

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