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Our vision is to acknowledge the revolutionary blockchain technology and provide this informative knowledge among our users.

Blockstuffs features A-Z glossary where each and every terminology related to blockchain can be found.
Similarly, there is a lot of research, story, article, statement, message, findings and application happening all around the world. All these are covered under our news and blog section.

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Blockstuff Blogs

Blockstuff Blogs
Three NFT Businesses with High Growth Prospects

Despite some ups and downs, the market for non-fungible tokens (digital assets like as paintings, video clips, or music with ownership identifiable on the blockchain) began in 2021. Three months ago, ....

By Rupesh Ghimire 5 Min Read September 26, 2021

Blockstuff Blogs
Blockchain Adoption : Risks and Opportunity

Blockchain is in its adoption phase, so people involved in these industries or any newbies need to know about its several risks and opportunity which will guide them to establish their business throug....

By blockstuffs 5 Min Read August 18, 2020

Blockstuff Blogs
Cryptocurrency for the World Economy

The world is changing and it’s changing quickly. The speed at which cryptocurrencies are taking over is a clear indicator that traditional financial institutions can no longer hold the fort so well an....

By blockstuffs 5 Min Read July 9, 2020


Blockstuffs Exclusive: XcelTrip CEO Gyanendra Khadka Reveals The Secrets of Travel Disruption

XcelTrip allows you to book with crypto at more than 800,000 hotels and 150 airlines around the world on xceltrip.com. Our vision is to disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry with our blockchain based platform built to deliver more power to the users and drive efficiencies across the key success factors.

By Hob Khadka November 5, 2019

Research Paper

Research Paper
Cryptocurrencies are seen favorably by 32 of the world's largest corporations.

According to a new Blockdata study, 32 of the world's top 100 publicly listed companies are bullish on cryptocurrencies, demonstrating that even major corporations can no longer afford to ignore digit....

By Rupesh Ghimire5 Min Read September 28, 2021